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Blue Lake

Blue Lake is a spring-fed, recreational 312 acre lake in Isanti County enjoyed by owners and visitors for boating, fishing, and water sport activities.  It flows north and enters the Rum River.  It has two public accesses, one each in Stanford and Spencer Brook townships.


 Blue Lake Improvement District was approved by the Isanti County Board of Commissioners in November, 2013, based on a request of 61% of the thencurrent lakeshore property owners. BLID has a 7 member Board and several committees to maintain and improve the water quality of Blue Lake. 

 At the annual meeting of all Blue Lake property owners, updated efforts are linked to approval of an annual budget and assessment, election of board members, and member education. BLID welcomes the involvement of members on its committees: Invasive Weed Management, Boat Monitoring, Blue Lake Water Studies, and Member Education / Communication /Web. The newly revised website – blidmn.org – includes Board and committee membership, work plans and improvements, education notices, historical articles, Board and annual meeting minutes, and By-Laws. 

 BLID is authorized to submit proposals for competitive water quality improvement grants: recently it won a 3-year (2018-2020) $251,000 grant for limiting the amount of phosphorus entering Blue Lake. Earlier, Blue Lake Association in the 1970’s started to help preserve the quality of Blue Lake by developing a comprehensive water plan for 2005-2010 to improve the management of invasive weeds. The Association continues as a social organization open to all lakeshore members, and it holds an annual social meeting and picnic.